My latest book: From fed by the world to food security. Accelerating agricultural development in Africa“. It has been followed by two articles, a first one about the promising African fertilizer market, and a second one about the need to use fertilizer in a sustainable way.

This website has been created to support the consultancy work done after retirement in 2011. However, in 2014. I married Wil Kroon and returned to the Netherlands. Wil and I do many things together, but my wide interests (see below) did not decrease and I continue -as volunteer-  many of the past activities: studies, missions, lectures, discussions and advisory work.  A summary is shown under ACTIVITIES. presenting among others the publication of my last book: “From fed by the world to food security. Accelerating agricultural development in Africa”.

This reality is a reason to maintain this website, showing not only present activities, but also my PROFESSIONAL HISTORY, a more detailed description who I am (ABOUT ME), where, for example, an overview of all PUBLICATIONS is available as well as a link to a film that I have made about the semi-nomadic way of keeping livestock in Mali, FILM.  If you are interested in some of the documents, or for one reason or another you like contacting me, please use the last heading: CONTACT .


AgroBioAfrica – Henk Breman

Bridging agro-ecological approaches with conventional technologies for sustainable highly productive family-farming.

Environment & development

  • World food security
  • Environmental, rural, economic and social program development support
  • Specialized studies & advises; policies, markets & production
  • Training, teaching & lecturing
  • Project evaluation

In domains such as

  • Crop & livestock intensification    
  • Integrated soil fertility management
  • Agroforestry & fisheries
  • Range land management & desertification control,
  • Dovetailing of agro-ecological and socioeconomic conditions
  • Land tenure & gender related constraints