lectures, trainings and consultancy missions

Lectures and trainings

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Nederland, Amsterdam, 13 maart 2016 Debat It’s in the Food, my friend. De Rode Hoed. Foto (c) Michiel Wijnbergh
  • Differences in agricultural development between Asia and Africa
  • Fertilizers for peace
  • The role of livestock in African agricultural development
  • Sustainable Ugandan food production
  • Agriculture without chemistry?
  • Agriculture, poverty and refugees; Syria & Africa
  • Reinforcing a Malian research team at an environmental strategic study
  • Lectures about potential negative side effects of more irrigation.
  • Lecture Climate change and vegetation dynamics in the Sahel, at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.


Uganda; help developing a model school garden as component for a vocational training. Three support missions to Mali for the Environmental Ministry, requested by the Dutch Environmental Commission.