1972: My two sons and their mother, my first wife Willy, look at a school in Mali

Informal studies through reading and practicing, and thanks to collaboration with and inspiration by Prof. Dr. Ir. C.T. de Wit, the father of modeling and simulation in agriculture: Environment & development.

Ph.D. (Free University. Amsterdam, the Netherlands;1972):  Biophysics: biological repair of DNA damaged by gamma radiation.

MSc (Free University. Amsterdam; 1967); Animal physiology as major, with biochemistry & biophysics as minors.

Chemical analyst (Analistenschool. Amsterdam; 1961): Practical courses at Philips Duphar, Weesp (the Netherlands).                   

High school (Christelijk Lyceum, Zwolle; 1960)

Meanwhile, the next generation Breman is almost ready for school. Though ….. it will still take some time, but he has already the Breman curiosity.